Add steam native to default packages


Sorry if I put this in the wrong area I couldn’t decide whether this should go in here or package request because it’s a hybrid request.

I could never understand why Kotor 2 which was updated and made native wouldn’t run on my system. I reinstalled the steam packages with Octopi (first time using it versus pacman) and in the process I noticed a package called steam-native wasn’t installed. Only steam-manjaro and steam-devices was installed. After installing all three packages Kotor 2 worked like a charm. Therefore I’m requesting that the steam-native package be included unpacking the steam packages that are included by default on manjaro.


Steam native can break games as well as fix them. It isn’t a universal solution or a requirement.

I am not sure if it makes more or less sense to include it by default.


Really? I figured based on the name that it enables native Proton games to run. Without it you wouldn’t have the libraries needed to run games that were compiled with Proton during development.


It is actually the other way round. With steam-native you use your system libraries. The libraries the normal steam ships are ignored.

The steam-native script launches Steam with the STEAM_RUNTIME=0 environment variable making it ignore its runtime and only use system libraries.



Ah ok. I see now. I tested another native steam Linux game without the native packages and it worked fine. Really weird. (weird because it was ported to Linux through Steam as in the Steam version of the game) Maybe I’ll make a support ticket to the dev group that patched kotor 2 to make it run on Linux.


I made the support ticket giving the reason that when using the steam native package the resolution settings don’t reset when quiting out of the game. I also said I discovered it when I ran portal both ways.


I have many Steam games, and Steam native works noticeably better.


I also have many steam games. For me, it varies game to game. It probably depends on a number of factors including which graphics hardware and drivers are being used.


I use a Radeon HD5870. What do you use?


For me… it works best if I install both steam-native and steam-manjaro


That’s what I meant.