Add some gnome apps to gnome edition

I suggest adding the following applications with >extra tag to the gnome edition:

  • gnome-calendar
  • geary

Reasoning: they look good, integrate with gnome shell very well and seem to be generally very good applications. Also, they seem to be relatively light compared with many alternatives and don't increase the iso size all that much. Gnome-calendar is the best desktop calendar application I've found thusfar, and geary feels a lot faster than thunderbird or evolution does. When I installed, I did not even have to set up my accounts, because they were automatically picked up from gnome-online-accounts. And when I delete emails from geary, they are also deleted from the gmail server, unlike with basic imap email.


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gnome-calendar is already in the full edition with extra tag for geary, never try it.. at the moment gnome edition install evolution because is not only mail client but a complete PIM, evolution can connect to all protocols and also support microsoft exchange
We can see..

Stick with evolution as you say it is a complete PIM solution.

What does complete pim solution mean and why it is important?

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