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I just installed a fresh copy of Manjaro (with extras). But for some reason, I can not search AUR.

I followed the suggestions at Pamac Doesn't Search AUR
But this does not seem to find a solution.

Pacman config @
System info:



[wiki] Manjaro - Updates and AUR

AUR is disabled by default.
In Pamac -> Hamburger Menu -> Preferences

If for reasons unknown the app yaourt is missing you cannot enable AUR.

sudo pacman -S yaourt

Hi fhdk,

I did turn on AUR under the GUI and I checked the config file to be sure.

See config output of Pacman config @

So its a bit of a strange problem.


$ yaourt (insert AUR packagename)

Does that return anything?


Yes. It works. I just tried “yaourt vlc”. It brings back search results & I can install a package.


Logout/login again, but restarting Pamac should actually do it.


That’s Pamac, not Pacman output, but yaourt is already enabled in Pacman.conf else you wouldn’t have gotten the return you did.


I am going to close this. I wish I knew the answer but it is no longer an issue.

I reinstalled Manjaro to work through some graphics issues and this works now.

Thanks for the help.

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My problem too.
Anybody have a solution?
Update: Maybe this help:

sudo yaourt psiphon
[sudo] password for saeed:
curl error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)


Maybe this solves the problem.
Reinstall ca-certificate and then reboot.

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