Add/Remove Software won't start

Hi, today after uninstalled via “add/remove apps” the ttf-ms-win11 package and rebooted the system, the “add/remove” app refuse to start.

And at the same time an issue appears in openoffice writer: it starts only if launched in terminal; double click an .odt file or open the app via the start-menu doesn’t works. it only shows an icon in the status bar.

Could someone help me?

Hi @xxxmoscoxxx,

If you searched, or even just read thorough the front page, you’d have noticed this:

See if there are any error when launched from the terminal:


Thanks, i tried from terminal
pamac-manager and pamac-manager %U (as in the app menu) and in both cases works, also works adding a shortcut in the app menu without the %U.

Hmmm…cannot reproduce. I won’t be able to help. Sorry.


You could reinstall pamac with:

sudo pacman -S pamac --overwrite "*" --noconfirm 

But since many apps are broken and it’d take a lot of guesswork to find out why, you can reinstall all packages with:

sudo pacman -S "$@" $(comm -23 <(pacman -Qq|sort) <(pacman -Qqm|sort)) 

Good luck.

Hi all, i confirm the openoffice bug: it starts in a very tiny window it seems closed.
and now, i don’t know why, add/remove apps starts without issues…

There’s an open thread about it, with a workaround here: