Add/remove Software problem

Big noob here.Hello,i recently moved to Manjaro from windows
All good but i installed a app(sfpt client)i unistalled because i dont want to use it,and i wanted to install a app that i know how to use(winscp) i need to emulate that,but no problem,my problem is that i can’t install it,it says no target found:sfptclient and I don’t know what to do.
Today i reinstalled the manjaro because application menu won’t start,i don t want to reinstall again the entire software because add remove software is gliched(i think) and this is doing to all the apps in the add/remove software.

Well, you uninstalled sfptclient.

WinSCP is an AUR package so you first have to enable AUR in Pamac to install it with Pamac GUI.

I enabled aur,and all the things,im not a complety noob,but i don t know how to resolve this error,i unistalled sfptclient

sftp is part of openssh package - so you may need to reinstall it

sudo pacman -Syu openssh

Thanks for helping me guys!:slight_smile:

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