Add / Remove in system settings not executable

While I have updated my system through Pacman -Syu I can update. However i go to System Add / Remove programs I get this
" Unable to make the service Add/Remove Software executable, aborting execution’. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

I am using KDE Plasma 5.23.4
KDE framework version 5.88.0
QT version 5.15.2
Kernal version 5.6.7-1 Manjaro (64 bit)
Graphics X11
strong text

I doubt it:

This kernel is long time unsupported, you should have switched to another one long time ago. Kernel status can be checked in #announcements. Should be done from time to time to switch to supported kernels prior them getting unsupported. This is essential basic knowhow when using Manjaro.

That is a strict entry for Discover AFAIK, not installed by default. You probably mixed some stuff from somewhere else …

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