Add recent applications items to Application Launcher (or Simple Menu)

I like the standard “Application Launcher” and even “Simple Menu”.

But when I am working I would like to just see my recently opened applications, besides my favourite applications (apps do not have to appear in both). This also makes it easy to see what I was doing earlier the day or the week.

In the standard “Application Launcher” it requires 2 extra clicks and it wasn’t obvious: Launcher > Places > History.

Is there a way to add a section “History” between “Favourites” and “All Applications” ? So that I do not have to go to Places first?

is it possible to add a section/category “History” in Simple Menu?

I tried Application Menu Editor, but it only allows me to add actual apps as items.

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No, that will require you to edit the source code. The launcher isn’t designed to be super flexible like that. As you may have seen, “Favorites” and “All Applications” aren’t editable in the “Edit Applications” context menu, that’s because they’re specially treated.


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