Add preferred hours to the "automatically download" pamac updates

Many Linux users do not have a great internet speed, and during the day, they need to use bandwidth for work/study stuff.

Pamac already provides automatic downloading of updates.
It would be great if there could be added the (not by default) option to set preferred hours to download updates, like 01:00~07:00, for example.

Thank you, and let me know if it’s possible.


While this doesn’t concern me cause I have ample speed for anything I want to do there are plenty that don’t. I for one second adding the ability to set when downloads.

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Thank you!
Yeah, I know many Manjaro users that don’t have good internet speed, myself included, and with everything in university now going online, I think it wouldn’t be so difficult to add this feature to pamac.

If someone has access to the pamac gitlab it would be nice opening an issue.

This is possible by setting up a cron job but is simply unnecessary. It is better to do a manual system update every 2 weeks as that is the frequency of updates on the stable branch.

You don’t need any access to open a issue. Just make a account on and link with or straight up make a account on .

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Thank you for the tips!