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Plymouth is a graphics interface which makes the bootup and shutdown menu look more elegant instead of a terminal like look. Many distros use this such as Ubuntu and Mint as examples.

The reason I would like to see this added all of Manjaro's editions is mainly because of the painful encryption menu Manjaro currently uses. When one installs Manjaro using the LUKS encryption which will encrypt the entire Manjaro installation and require a password on booting up Manjaro, it does not have a graphical interface and these are the issues I have with it...

  1. Since there is no GUI, I cannot tell if I am typing and how many characters I have entered. There is no password field circle characters

  2. If you enter your password wrong, it will go into some GRUB Rescue thing and the only way for me to try again is for me to turn off my computer by pressing the power button, turning it back on and trying again. On other distros such as Ubuntu if you enter the wrong password which can happen like when you login into any account, you may press the wrong key you will get rejected but you will be able to try again.

  3. A nicer polished distro. Manjaro is a user friendly version of Arch. I know it is more than that but it allows non-techie people to use an Arch based distro since it works out of the box, easy installation, many desktop environments to choose from and for those who want to use Arch without the hassle of setting it all up manually Manjaro makes it easy. But I find the system encryption feature not user friendly and not elegant as Manjaro.

My first daily driver distro was Linux Mint and I thought this was the best distro for me. Then I switched to Manjaro since I wanted to try Pamac and get the latest version of software and now I can say that Manjaro beats Mint due to the AUR alone. This is my only request for Manjaro to do. Please add Plymouth and make Manjaro startup, shutdown and system encryption menu more user friendly!

Plymouth was removed years ago due to many issues we had with it.
Manjaro is now set up to use the kernel's bootsplash.

As far as luks support, I believe Manjaro uses grub for this.

This is a security feature.

This is indeed a problem with the GRUB Luks implementation. And the reason why I don't use a fully encrypted System.

But adding Plymouth will not help. Even with Plymouth it will be the same. Since you need an unencrypted partition for the Linux Kernel and the initramfs. The current way, Manjaro installs a fully encrypted system is to use Grub to encrypt the Root or Boot partition. Plymouth, which is a part of the initramfs, can't do that, because to use it needs to be stored unencrypted.

So simply adding ancient, badly working Software will not help.

The grub rescue is my biggest annoyance of the encrypted lockscreen. I wish Manjaro could make this more user friendly, even if the lockscreen is the same without a GUI.

I tried doing what your video said and nothing has changed with my bootup process.

your description of boot process with LUKS encryption is consistent with p92 of user guide

added tags for 'plymouth' and 'LUKS' so you can read the previous discussions and save others repeating the same comments again

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You guys call it ancient but it is still being developed and maintained:

There is an AUR plymouth-git PKGBUILD, which works great on my side.

Last time I tried Bootsplash it still wasn't able to provide fake UI for entering decryption password like Plymouth does, I had to hit Esc and type my password in console prompt.

As for OP issue, there's no way to avoid Grub password prompt when using full disk encryption except for the case of EFISTUB boot using kernel as a loader. But this requires EFI system with good BIOS implementation or conjunction of kernel, initramfs and cmdline into a single efi file used as loader.

The package bootsplash-systemd contains a systemd unit file named: /usr/lib/systemd/system/bootsplash-ask-password-console.service.
Could that be used for asking for encryption passwords with kernels Bootsplash?

Yeah I had it enabled, but the thing is it didn't work. I mean, splash wasn't hidden for password prompt automatically, and no GUI entry was provided. Do I understand you correctly that your experience is different?

I have never used encrypted, so I don't know. I am just making suggestions and pointing out some stuff. :slight_smile:

I think many Manjaro users do not use system wide encryption. But for those who like to have their computer locked down to prevent thieves from turning it on and getting access to it, it is a great security feature.

I doubt thieves are interested in any random person's valuable data. I suppose they just re-partition (or replace) the drive and they are ready!... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
OTOH if you are targeted for your really valuable data, the thief will also know how and why to break encryption (even in some days...).

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If you used your computer for business, it is always a good idea to encrypt it even if it seems far fetched.

IMO Manjaro normal decryption key request minimalism would deter intruders better than a GUI

with only one attempt at password, returning user would see grub rescue to know an attempt had been made, assuming intruder did not think to reboot
if GUI allows multiple attempts could not know about multiple attempts

most Manjaro users do not have plymouth so help or support is limited

If this is not something that Manjaro can fix or do. Where could I make a post for such a feature request? Is there a GRUB Forums that I can make the feature request to?

go to Archwiki page for Plymouth
click link on first word

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