Add packages like 'manjaro-xfce' that gives the Xfce from the flagship ISO(s)

Hello, I use Manjaro KDE since a long time, I have also tried Manjaro Xfce, Manjaro Awesome and such. Now if I install the actual xfce-desktop, it looks old and I don’t like it. So it would have been really great if I could get the Manjaro’s Xfce layout in a single package, so I don’t have to install the whole ISO. Now Ubuntu already has a few packages like that like kubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop and etc. So I think I’ve cleared myself on this thing well.


If you look closer, each ISO, for each DE has a particular package installed. For example in KDE ISO there is manjaro-kde-settings, for XFCE there is manjaro-xfce-settings, on Gnome there is manjaro-gnome-settings.

Those packages can’t reside on the same install at the same time, so, if you install KDE from ISO and then you install XFCE via pacman or pamac, then you have to remove manjaro-kde-settings and install manjaro-xfce-settings … and manually copy the content of /etc/skel/ into your home directory and restart your session in XFCE.

All this is a reason why mixing DEs in one install/one user should be done with an informed decision, or be avoided, otherwise the result would not be quite desirable.

Hope is clear that those packages you requested already exist.

Is that risky or something?

Everything that is done blindly and/or uninformed can be deleterious/risky, but is not like your system will explode. Most likely it happens exactly what happened to you, you installed XFCE on top of default KDE Plasma install, and when you logged into XFCE desktop

So, in order to fix that you either go trough all settings/customization to make it look like default Manjaro XFCE, or you take the road of doing what i mentioned above and replace the packages and copy the files from skel folder to your home.
Either way, your request of packages was answered, they exist already. Later issues that might rise, when switching desktop sessions, but that is another topic. Usually the inconsistencies come up in the Qt applications themes, and the fact that now you will now have background services from both DEs, hence a higher memory usage …

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