Add Line-in Audio to Audio Mix

hi everyone! here’s my problem:

i just installed manjaro after using Elementary for 2 days - elementary wouldn’t boot anymore. lol

i am extracting the hdmi audio of my xbox series s and using the line-in port on my motherboard to put it in the audio mix for my headset. it worked out of the box on windows 10 and for elementary i used this command:

pacmd load-module module-loopback latency_msec=5

this made it work instantly on elementary. what do i have to do to make it work on manjaro?

thanks a lot!

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Please post more information about PulseAudio configuration

pacmd dump

If the headset is plugged in to an audio jack using the same onboard audio device as Line-in,
ALSA Loopback Mixing and input monitoring controls allow monitoring of an audio input with no latency
Direct monitoring is not possible if the headset is connected via another device (USB or Bluetooth)