Add gtk3-widget-factory and gtk3-icon-browser as standalone packages for gtk3-classic users

With the latest updates, gtk3-classic deletes gtk3-widget-factory and gtk3-icon-browser packages.

These packages (gtk3-widget-factory specially) are absolutely needed for peoples that develops gtk icons and themes for testing propose.

So, I ask if you could add them as standalone packages for gtk3-classic users.

I suppose I could split those out into gtk3-classic-tools...


Cool, many thanks!

P.S.: why devs like so much to cut things from their softwares? :frowning:

It's to try and keep things slim. Having "development" tools included in a library package is a little counter-intuitive.

I think that in this case a minimal set of tools for give peoples the possibility to test gtk3-classic (and signal any bug) must be a rule.
This is a fork based on a tweaking of the original gtk3, so bugs with some configuration and themes could be possible

Anyway, thanks so much for considering my request

Actually, looking at the actual differences it amounts to about 5MB.

I'll just include them in the gtk3-classic package.


Maybe an official request to @ krumelmonster also have to be done in future

The content of that package may be different to gtk3-classic as I've updated the Manjaro package to be more aligned to Arch's gtk3.

But gtk3-widget-factory will be available again?
Thank you.

Yes, I just have to repackage gtk3-classic. Looks like I got to the point of updating the packaging files but the package itself didn't get uploaded... :confused:

Edit: Uploaded to unstable.

Thank you @jonathon

Now it's on the stable branch!

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