Add git-delta to Manjaro repostories

Since a month the users of Manjaro’s stable channel couldn’t build the git-delta AUR package because the options=('!lto') in the PKGBUILD needs pacman v6 and it wasn’t released to the stable channel yet.

Now, Arch Linux moved the git-delta package from AUR to the community repository here: Arch Linux - git-delta 0.8.2-2 (x86_64)

Could be added to the Manjaro repositories too?


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v6 is in testing, so in next stable update we have pacman 6
if package git-delta is in arch, next is in unstable, testing and at end stable, it’s automatic

I don’t get that: simply adjust the PKGBUILD before building and remove that option.

So it will reach the manjaro repositories on its own.
See Manjaro - Branch Compare, it should hit unstable with the next sync and then trickle down.

edit: and It has landed in unstable: Manjaro - Branch Compare