Add Chromebook support to xkeyboard


Chromebooks do not have many of the keys found on a normal laptop keyboard (Print, PG Up/Dn, Delete). Some keys are replicated with specific keyboard combinations, e.g. Search + BKSPC = Delete Stock keyboard is mostly useful but many necessary keys do not work like Display Brightness, Volume, Delete.

There is a patch for xkeyboard-config in AUR as galliumos-xkeyboard-config

Yes, it’s easy enough to install but that means it’s not available on a live session. Most users wouldn’t know of the need to do so or how. As it stands, the Manjaro keyboard on a Chromebook is inferior.


While kinda nit-picky this is still good information.
I think you are the first person I’ve run into in the last few years who has seriously attempted running manjaro on a chromebook.
I think I could see a separate wiki section once enough info is gathered and sorted.
(or maybe even a chromebook ISO spin or even container if a maintainer would be found)


From :

Please file this request upstream so it can be improved for everyone.

If it can’t be included then we can look at including it within Manjaro (though adding patches to existing software isn’t really the Arch way - it should be upstream which fix issues).


Agreed. Thanks for pointing to upstream… I was too lazy to do it.

But as I assume that neither will these changes be adopted by xkeyboard as a whole (this stuff has been around for a while) … nor is it the Arch (or Manjaro really) way to absorb such a thing…

I still think the best option is to gather good opinions and findings to formulate a nice ‘manjaro on a chromebook’ wiki page.