Add category or sub-category for users created spin/remix and third party ISO


I think would be nice a proper category that collect ISOs made by me, @napcok (Mabox), @Elrondo46 (Tuxnvape), Netrunner Rolling @AJSlye, @Tids, etc…


Netrunner has it’s own Web site and Forum, we do not need a category here.
Besides, it’s easier for me to keep these two things separate.
I’m no spring chicken you know…


As do a few of the others mentioned.
And TBH - I dont know if we want to encourage the already too prevalent view that they are the same as manjaro or manjaro community editions.
For example - mabox and manjarogaming both seem to have been shortlived and never maintained again - the few times support threads were opened based on them we had to explain that they werent using an actual supported manjaro, that their problems were alien … and they generally ended up reinstalling an actual living manjaro edition.


Support for Manjaro Respins ?


Support for unofficial spins

Making it clear that are not endorsed

Thats the one I was forgetting yesterday

I didn’t remember you weren’t the original poster of this: Netrunner Rolling is Back!


I actually like how @Holmes handles it. He has a topic in #support-for-community-editions which he updates regularly and answers questions there.

I think, most problems can be addressed in #newbies or #technical-issues-and-assistance be it an official edition or not. It mostly boils down to questions which are not related to custom repos, custom theming etc.


mate @eugen-b
yes a great alternative!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


I like too how @Holmes manage his topic

I reinforce this request given:

To this day there is no way to say which aren’t real Community edition looking at the forum


New subcategory available:


Great! Thanks @jonathon