Add an option for forum users to delete their own accounts

Would be nice to not need to bother anyone to do it

That is easier said than done. First of all, we don’t develop the forum software ourselves. The software used for running the Manjaro forum is called Discourse.

Therefore, we can only offer what the software supports.

Secondly, we cannot just delete any account. Deletion is only possible if the member has made a very limited amount of posts, and even then still, if those posts were all made within a still fairly recent time — I think it’s about 15 days, but I’m not sure.

As such, if a member asks us to delete their account and the conditions laid out here-above are not met, then the best we can do is anonymize their account, and this is an entirely different procedure at the database level.

In conclusion, the only way to have your account either deleted or anonymized — depending on which option is available — is to send a PM to one of the moderators and request them to do it for you. And there’s nothing we can do to change that.



That’s so weird. Deleting info is straight up easier on the resources than storing it indefinately. Can’t imagine why would they not allow it.

No, it’s not. Deleting an account also automatically implies deleting all of the posts submitted to the database by that account, including private messages.

Anonymizing an account is a different procedure, whereby the account’s name — and thus also its login and other identifying information in their profile— is changed to generic identifiers mostly made up of randomly chosen alphanumerical characters. This leaves all of the former member’s posts intact, so that thread continuity is not broken and solutions to technical issues do not disappear or otherwise become useless.


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