Add advanced luks options to gui installer

I apologize I’m not looking at the gui at this second but I don’t believe they exist. Firstly, Luks 2 has some support in grub now, so should be accessible for /boot. Secondly I’d like to see these options


it might be a good idea to detect an SSD (probably the most common now) and auto add the last 2. Since discards can affect security an advanced checkbox with a warning in red would be a good idea.


…and to fully support more than one encrypted root partition

  • a way to specify another bootloader directory (Manjaro-01, OtherManjaro, …) instead of the default Manjaro
  • other bootloaders instead of just grubx64.efi:star_struck: :innocent: :heart_eyes:

Partitions are never enough :stuck_out_tongue: and privacy is getting more and more important / an issue! :japanese_ogre:

Or possibly discard instead.

Both are supported (and do the exact same thing), but as far as I know, only discard is mentioned in the documentation. So to safeguard against allow-discards being deprecated, “discard” might be the safer option to invoke.

(It’s happened in the past where multiple flags/options apply the same setting or command, yet as time goes on, some are dropped or deprecated in favor of the more “official” ones.)

Ironically, “allow-discards” is less ambiguous and more clearly implies what is being done.