Add a new entry (shortcut) to the gnome ARC menu.

I would like to have a shortcut button in the gnome ARC menu to open the gnome shell "Show Applications" (animated) view. It would preferably be placed in the same ARC menu area where the "Settings", "Tweaks", "Terminal" etc. buttons sits.

Is it possible to add such button? (I would prefer this solution)
Alternatively what is the command to the "Show Applications", then I could put that command into a short script to activate with a custom shortcut?

Super+a ?

Don't think a shortcut in menu is possible.


Thanks for the tip!

Anyway, this is what I want (a button in the ARC menu)!

Good luck. As I said don't think its possible without extensive knowledge of javascript (which I do not have).

Does the buttin have to be inside the arc menu? You can easily have it lixed among applications, or alternatively as a button in the panel. But modifying arc menu structure is harder.

Or wait future release :wink:

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Yes, it has to be in the ARC menu. This issue is a wish for the ARC menu.

This sounds promising, I will look out for an update of the ARC menu!

I have put a [Request] on the GitLab page

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