Add a link to Manjaro website from Manjaro forum


Please add a link to Manjaro website from Manjaro forum.


Has "External Link" always been in the header?

Search so you will find :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Translation error , sorry :slight_smile:




He wants it he other way around I think. A link to the website from within the forum.

Although I don't really understand the reason why :wink:


Yes, I missunderstud at first time, thanks :slight_smile:


It will be more convenient to reach Manjaro website with a single click from here.


All you need is manjaro hello :slight_smile:

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How many times do you do that?


3-4 times per week


I personally think it's a good idea.
I find it frustrating on many websites that it's possible to go to the subparts (forum, support, wiki, etc.) from the main website, but not the other way around. Of course we can just edit the address to remove everything but the main domain; but i believe adding a link back is cheap enough to do.


It is convenient, but not useful, on the other hand having links for (user guide), (first steps) and (common problems), would be useful for some users.


I've added Download, Wiki, and GitLab links. They should hit the main "external" destinations.

And there's now a pure "homepage" link in the Menu footer links.

Refresh to see them.


They're a useful addition I guess but I'm not convinced I'll use them personally.

Functionality feedback - The added header links are hidden when not at the top of a thread (6 lines or more down) . Rolling the cursor over where they were just gives the open thread url.


This is a "feature" so long thread titles aren't truncated within a narrow window. :no_mouth:


Fair enough, when at the top of the thread the title is not actually on that bar with the present iteration of Discourse, it appears when scrolling down. I guess it's needed there afterwards for easily distracted folk or redirects half way down the topic to specific posts from other topics