Acer Predator 17, how to override pins on audio card?

Hello, I just installed Manjaro KDE on my Acer Predator 17 (G9-793). In windows, this computer used Dolby audio drivers, but there is no Dolby support for linux. Sound is horrible and plays in mono from the left side speakers. I found this post from someone who has the same problem as me and what i am interested in is this reply to that post from the user "ptok":

"This is a bit of necromancy, but there is basically no widely available solution to Predator laptop family sound problem.
I'm owner of 791, older model, but laptops form that line are very similar, so that solution should also work with 591, 592, 593, 792 and 793.
We need to override pins on card.

Lets start with installation of hdajackretask.

Sudo apt-get install alsa-tools-gui

It's fairly easy to use graphical tool. Run it as normal user. Select ALC255 codec from slider on top and check "show unconnected pins" from menu on the right.
Then you need to find unconnected pins which can override as internal speakers: I set up 0x17 as internal LFE and 0x1b as internal speaker.
On newer models those might differ (but probably don't). In that case You need to do a bit of guessing.
Save settings by clicking "Install boot override", authenticate with password to save config and reboot to check if changes works.

For me that setting unlocked stereo. "

Does that make sense to anyone? If so, how is it done exactly?

already posted response at r/manjaro

see this Manjaro forum post for screenshot of hdajackretask solution

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Thanks again!

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