Acer Laptop Brightness

Hello everybody, how are you? I posted some days ago asking help because I can’t lower the brightness of my laptop. I have been using sun glasses, but, I am really tired of it. I found this link GitHub - LordAmit/Brightness: Brightness Controller to install a brightness controller, but after downloading the zip and extracting the folder, when I want to open the terminal and change the directy using the “cd” command, the terminal says that there is no such file or directory. Any idea why is this happening? Have you tried to install this brightness controller and be successful?

My acer model is 5742-6691.

You got GUI or something? Have you checked folder if it is there or not? Did you extract? Try:
git clone repo_address
and then change directory.

Hello Diysumit, thank you very much. I managed to run the brightness controller, and it worked but, I didn’t manage to install it as an app. I cannot search it as a program on the app searcher. I understand “GUI” as “graphic unit interface” (my native language is Spanish, so please, be patient with me :slight_smile: ). The graphic interface I use is KDE Plasma, but, I don’t know if you are reffering exactly to that, so, if this isn’t what you are asking me about, please, explain to me.

On the other hand, when I try to install it directly using this command “yay -S brightness-controller-git”, it ask some requirements that I cannot install. But, well, at least I made it run with the command.