Accidently deleted Windows when installig manjaro

so recently i’ve been trying to dual boot manjaro with Windows and during the installation i checked “erase disk” instead of “manual partitioning”. For context: I checked it because when i tried manual partitioning i always had an issue with the boot manager (which i know solution to now) and i was installing it on my second hard drive (Disk D) so i thought i wouldn’t do anything to the main system. And now when i boot up my computer it gives me a Windows error, then the PC restarts and the screen turns black. I also tried using boot menu to launch Windows boot manager, and the same thing happened.

Is there a way to recover the system? Or reinstall it completely?

Regards, Jakub.

Also apologies if my english isn’t great. It’s not my native language.

**you just erased the disk you can’t recover windows now **
just make a partition for windows and install it again

What can I say… Godspeed! :joy:


I’m terribly sorry for the above, I just couldn’t help myself…
Hope you have a backup of all important files.

Unless you shut off your computer and did not write too much files over your disk after, maybe some important files could be saved by a specialist company in a white room.
Expect a big amount of money and some days/weeks.

About your operating systems, it’s lost and you’ll have to reinstall all.

It’s a painful and common error you usually only do once in Linux experiment.

I still remember last year…

IF you’re lucky! :slight_smile:

IF you’re lucky, that is! :slight_smile:

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We cannot help you with that.

Yes - but it comes at a high cost - either in time or money

That would be preferable.