Accidentally modified /.bashrc and now I cant login, it asks for username and password, and even after i enter correct ones i can't login

I was trying to install anaconda on my laptop and I had to play around bashrc even though i had no idea how to deal with it, anaconda-navigator wasn’t running. I didn’t backup the file how can i login back again, plz help

You can find a skeleton version of the .bashrc file in /etc/skel/.bashrc

Maybe replacing your bashrc with that one will resolve your issue…

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Copy over the file @chomsky mentioned to your homedir.
If you can’t login anylonger try a LiveUSB image to access your files.

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i am going to try this thanks

No luck
Couldn’t login back

I even tried replacing .bashrc with a .bashrc.old after renaming it

Still no luck what to do now? I’ll have reinstall all those software etc?

I can not sign it
Tried what u told

Use an USB stick with Manjaro to chroot into your install.

Thanks giving it a try