Accidentally installed Gnome Desktop

I was installing one application from Manjaro store (don’t remember which but I think it was flameshot) and seems like I accidentally installed gnome dekstop with it. Now I don’t know how to remove it from login screen menu as it appears there. I tried removing gnome-desktop, gnome-session, but it says it wont delete them cos they are dependency of some other package. When I try to delete that package it says it is dependency of some other, etc. Can somebody help me get rid of this? I love only KDE plasma. Thanks.

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try this: open the add/remove software app, click on installed, sort by date and check all the apps that were installed with flameshot, reboot

Yes. It was flameshot. When I scroll down there is bunch of gnome stuff.
So what should I do now?

uninstall them all, click on the trash icon on flameshot, hopefully it will select all gnome dependencies … but select all apps that were installed at that time… you can do that by clicking the 3 horizontal lines and select view history

I remember last thing I installed was proton-qt, everything else was installed the same minute the Flameshot was installed. So I removed all those packages and now gnome is gone from menu and all is fine. Except when I was doing that I got a warning message:

That says gtk4 and libnma are optionaly required for some stuff. Should I install those two packages now?

no, i dont have installed any of those…

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Ok, thanks mate. You helped me.

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