Accidental formatting

Hello, I accidently deleted my second partion ( Note : disk D) /dev/sdb1. my main file system is on /dev/sda1
so i just have deleted second disk doing something with sudo mkfs.ext4
how can i backup all my data ?

I presume that you really mean to ask “How can I recover all my data?”, and unfortunately, the straight-up answer is that if you have to ask, then you probably can’t.

There are a few tools such as ddrescue — it’s in the repository — that claim a certain degree of success, but it really varies. The article below will probably be of interest to you. :point_down:

But if you really did mean “backing up your data”, then the cynical truth is that you should have done that already. There’s no substitute for backups, and people usually need a cold, hard reality check such as this one to discover how true this is… :slightly_frowning_face:


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There is a big difference in “i did something with mkfs” if you just deleted a partition, or if you deleted and then reformatted the free space after. In the first case recovery is almost certain with the right tools (sorry, have not done it for a long time, see the links from others), in the second case success varies depending on the type of formatting.

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