Accessing Windows XP sharing problem since update 10/12


I have an old Windows XP station which I use as a file server, which I accessed without problem still recently from my Manjaro Xfce stable box whether with Thunar or Nemo.
For a few days (following the big update on December 10, I suppose) the list of shares is displayed in Thunar (or Nemo), but any attempt to mount one of them brings me back after a few tens of seconds the message "Unable to mount Windows share: Connection terminated by timeout". I tested with another old tower that was lying in my business, also under XP, same problem. I do not have a recent version of Windows on hand to test, but between XP towers everything works fine for sharing montages.
Neither the declutching of the antivirus on the XP workstation, nor the fact of addressing it by its IP address, nor the shift to Ethernet instead of Wifi, nor the adjustment in my smb.conf of the good Workgroup didn't solve the problem.
If someone had an idea or heard about the existence (or not) of this problem with newer versions of Windows, it could point me towards a solution.

Thanks in advance.

XP is out of date like Kernel 5.3
Change XP with MX if PC has less then 1GiB of RAM. Work like a charm on my 2002 PC.

Or better ask in XP forum.

It can't be a kernel related issue, my kernel is still 4.19...
But I just saw today that a new big stable update is proposed, that perhaps may solve the problem.

OK, XP is out of date, kernel was a sample for out of date or EOL.

Read announcement, do not update.

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