Accessing win. pc, user has no password

New to Linux, but with lockdown I’m trying all sorts of new things that I’ve meant to try for years. But, this seems to be a brick wall & I’m sure there must be someone who knows which way to solve it.
Installed Manjaro on a spare pc which is also our media storage device (videos & music, 6tb of discs). We have a number of devices around the house which can access each other, but none have user passwords to simplify accessing between them. All are connected to 16port switch behind hardware firewall.
I tried today to access some files on a laptop from the manjaro pc & it would not allow me access to my user id on the laptop without a password, which doesn’t exist.
Tried searching these forums & tried Googling, to no avail.
Anyone have the answer? Setting passwords on all devices isn’t an option.

I am not quite sure what your intentions are - it appears you are trying a centralized storage but then you mention all devices (plural) can access the other devices (plural) without password.

Now that is something that belongs in the Windows world and while the same may be possible using *nix (including BSD type OS like Apple) it will only be possible if you are an experienced sysadmin.

With your level of experience - don’t even begin to fiddle with such arrangement - although the lessons to be learned are invaluable - it takes some courage to go down that road.

Thanks for your reply, even if the answer does amaze me.
Multiple devices includes 3 Smart TV’s, a number of android phones & tablets, HTPC, 2 laptops, 2 desktops & a couple of devices accessing through wireless link to remote site 5km away.
So, passwordless access isn’t just windows - in fact in my former life I cannot remember having passwords on DEC, ICL or Honeywell Bull kit either, all running a variety of OS’s, so maybe it’s just a shortcoming of Linux?
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll encounter other ‘niggles’ as I progress, so good to find that responses are quite rapid.
Many thanks.

I don’t know what to say … controlling and restricting access to data and applications has always been a necessity.

Agree totally regarding “controlling and restricting access to data” - but only if that is what the user or, as I’d be called, system administrator requires that function.
In my case the restriction is via the firewall, which prevents anything getting in that isn’t supposed to, but on the user side of that I need simple access without restrictions.
I’ll try looking up the possible solution that you mentioned in your initial reply & see how I get on.
Once again, many thanks.