Accessing manjaro gnome from a windows machine by using remote desktop control

Hi, I encounter an issue when trying to control a machine which has installed manjaro gnome from another pc by using windows remote control. I installed from AUR xrdp, I started a session, I introduced in the remote desktop control app the manjaro gnome machine’s ip (which is in the same LAN as the windows machine) and I was prompted to the credentials window, but after I introduced the user and the password for de manjaro gnome machine, nothing happened, I always get stuck here, and I don’t know why. I could connect to my raspberry pi from rdc without coming across even a problem, but I am not able to do the same with my manjaro gnome machine. Please help me.

Make sure you read this Xrdp - ArchWiki

When you mention you had success earlier with other systems - one point of difference could be if Gnome is using xorg vs. wayland - and if I recall correct - vnc does not work on wayland.

If your requirement is simple then connecting using VNC over SSH is a viable alternative but still you need to use xorg for the Gnome desktop.

Getting remote access to a Wayland powered Gnome - Projects/Mutter/RemoteDesktop - GNOME Wiki!