Accessing manjaro from a Windows machine with rdp

I need to access my manjaro laptop on a remote windows host via RDP. What is the right approach for that?

I am familiar with the other way around (manouvering a windows machine from a linux host with remmina/rdp) but I have ascenario where I need the opposite direction.

Accessing the manjaro Desktop from a W10 machine with Remote Desktop

any pointers would be welcomed

Will take some work. Start here:

Then check out this:

Full disclosure, I have used xrdp with RHEL/CentOS for years, but I have not used it with Manjaro. Note that in the ArchWiki article it states TigerVNC is used for the back end. You might want to consider just using TigerVNC to open a graphical desktop for your Manjaro machine.

thx for the pointers. I’ll take a look.

In my scenario I will not leave my local network, so this is just a side question …

I recently learned that VNC, due to missing encryption, can not be regarded as secure for connections crossing local network borders. Is that correct?

I do not have admin access to the windows machine, so I can’t install TigerVNC. So I might be trying to utilize either TigerVNC or the mentioned xrdp (sounds more like it by the name) accepting connections via the default “Remote Desktop” Windows App I guess.