Access to '/' for editing has been changed?

Just discovered I can now ‘simply’ edit files in ‘/’ without any faffing about. Just select the file ,open in kate - Edit - select ‘Save’ - give password when asked and job done!
When was this enabled?

always been like that for me.
I’m <1 year user though.

The access hasn’t been changed. It’s Kate that’s trying to save files not originally editable by you doing it through sudo or similar privileged command. For the record, sublime text also has this feature. Maybe some other editors, too.

KDE forum had a thread dating back to 12/2017. It is titled Dolphin, but the specific post talks about Kate/Kwrite prompting for the password. It mentions specific phabricator entries (good reads), but I couldn’t find any specific Release Announcement Changelog. Interesting, not all distro’s allow this.

has existed for years
kate does not use sudo but has a built-in polkit action


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