about vesa driver is it possible to blacklist in mhwd gui for the cards that do not need it

it has been seen multiple times
that installing vesa driver causes black screen issue.
so to prevent it
is it possible to blacklist/not show an option to install it in manjaro settings manager.


OMFG! In all the years, I don't believe anyone has made this suggestion before. And it's a very good one. :slight_smile:


Eh ... both catalyst and vesa have had the suggestion as far back as I can remember.

Though why people randomly install 'mystery drivers' is still beyond me ..


Then why was the suggestion never implemented? When was the last time VESA was necessary? :smiley:

I think the last time vesa was 'necessary' it might have been when someone messed up their drivers and it was the only thing that was providing an (albeit hobbled) graphic desktop. This was someone who couldnt use the cli without fainting .. so it was handy in that case.
Many people have vesa installed with no problem ... its usually only high-end new cards (and some nvidias?) that it doesnt 'work' on ... for many others its akin to running the 'one size fits all -just not very well'. And usually it hasnt been forcibly applied to Xorg - its just sitting happily behind other functioning drivers. Kinda like 'fallback mode'.
So thats still using 'necessary' very loosely .. I dont think its strictly 'needed' by anyone.

VESA can be installed, but blacklisted/hidden in mhwd in order to avoid confusion to beginners. I believe that's the intention of @Librewish's topic post.

Should it be? IIRC, I've seen more, "Halp! I chose VESA and my screen is all butchered" posts than any others regarding it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I think mebbe the last time I used VESA was back around 2001, 2002, when you had to hand-install nVidia drivers post OS install in SuSE.

it is because you can
and the manjaro settings manager made it easy just click install vesa driver
then on reboot
welcome to the dark side

and use another device to search how to fix it.
and get hands dirty.

well its wrong
many intel cards give black screen
my laptop with core2duo and intel series 4 integrated graphics card.
which i believe is from 2009
and not new.
so its better that vesa is never installed.
well i believe we wont need this if we just go fully Wayland.
but not many do.
as it has its own issues like not working with Nvidia drivers.
gaming is no option on Wayland.
so we need to stick to xorg.
so just removing the option to install vesa driver from manjaro settings manager will help many people who are new to linux.

the con here is they wont get black screen and get their hands dirty reading wiki's and forums.
we only read if we get problems.

the vesa driver is useful when someone cant get anything else to load and want a gui (a bad gui) to work from. that said, if someone just installs it not knowing what they are doing then they deserve the cards they dealt themselves.

do dumb sh1t, get sh1t results, lesson learned. one doesnt piss on the electric fence more than once. :grin:


It can be useful, but displaying it in the exact same way the other drivers are displayed just makes people think it is a nice and well-supported driver for their hardware. A warning could help, or maybe the complete removal from the GUI, while keeping the possibility to install it from the command line (mhwd). It should be available for experienced users that are trying to solve a problem or to unexperienced user that are doing the same under guidance.

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I did this :slight_smile:

Basically hides any MHWD configs with a priority of 0 (=never auto install) under a new checkbox.

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