About to End My Deepin Trial - Two Key Problems


Hi all. I’m about to end my run of trying Manjaro Deepin on my test machine as I’ve hit two glitches that are hitting my workflow pretty hard:

  • Deepin won’t respect my settings in regards to not suspending the system:
    This is especially true when closing the laptop lid, despite the settings clearly saying not to suspend when the laptop lid is closed. When the DE suspends, wifi is turned off, and my workplace’s Citrix software crashes whenever wifi is off. Not nice…

  • Deepin won’t save my customized keyboard shortcuts to launch apps:
    The settings menu will save the entry, but not the name or the launch command.

These two are killers for me. I’d heard the Deepin reputation of not saving or respecting settings beforehand, but it seems it’s true. After my trial, some additional annoyances are:

  • Not saving my preference as to 24 vs 12 hrs on the clock (back to saving preferences again)

  • Somewhat clucky animations at times

  • Hot corners are slower to activate than I’d personally like (I tend to be more on the immediate side)

And that’s it. I hugely like Deepin, and if it could fix the settings savings issues and smooth the animations, it’d be a DE I could happily use daily.

On to Manjaro Budgie now on the test machine (plus Skippy-XD, as I need an expose view). Anyone know fixes to the above?


be glad you only have those 2 problems, i used Deepin (not Manjaro Deepin) for a few months and i had many issues, finally i gave up on it.


I like deepin and now playing only with it (change to i3).
For all things, deepin will not remembered, you can wrote little bash scripts. :wink:
cu m-sgs-38x16


Hehe, true enough, not sure I’m that motiviated just to keep Deepin :smile:.

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