About the Tablets category

Tablet is a bit of generic term for a description of such device, so we have to make some distinctions when asking for help. Here is a short classification:

  • Slate tablets (that come with their own software: Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows and the PineTab: The Open Source ARM 64-bit Tablet

  • PC tablets (that mostly come with Windows as 2 in 1 Laptops or as a Graphic Workstation or Pen Computers)

  • Display tablets (that are attached to a PC or Laptop) and work as secondary monitor + stylus functions and some have support for touch/gestures too. Also known as Pen Displays.

  • Hybrid tablets also known as Companion models (Wacom did a few of them and have an OS preinstalled - Android or Windows) but also can be connected to another PC or Laptop and be used as Display tablets + stylus functions + touch/gestures.

  • Classic tablets - that have no display, only a surface for stylus and some touch/gesture functions, while connected to PC or Laptop.

  • Paper tablets - that can transfer the information you draw traditionally (while the paper is on it) to a digital format (see the Repaper product from iskn ) - and variations of such products. We can’t help with this one.

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