About the Support for Official Editions category


This category is for general support for Official Editions listed on https://osdn.net/projects/manjaro/storage/.

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It would be great if you list which Editions are or a link pointing to which are supported by staff. That would be GREAT!



Official editions for manjaro are Xfce, kde and Net-edition.
I agree that it would be valuable to have three separate categories for these three official versions.


Then the question I had asked earlier was posted in the wrong category. Can someone at their earliest convience move my question to the proper catergory.

Regards, thanks


I think that you can change the category of your post editing the main title.
There is a seperate category for mate in “Support for Community Editions”. :slight_smile:


Hello good morning ,
I have a big trouble shooting with the manjaro’s . I have 4 HDs external/internal never I have big problem with they other OSs . Never with ubuntu, kubuntu , emmabuntus, linux-mint, voyager X2, X8, 14.04, 16.04 … except for manjaro ? When I decide install manjaro it’s absolutely necessary install it alone not in dual-boot with an other OS because after one release for the other OS, exemple kubuntu 16.10, when I restart my PC every times I have “panic-kernel” with manjaro impossible to start this OS. I’m obliged to renew or delete this install… ? :en riant:
Since 10years ago, I try every times to install many OS without trouble shooting between they difference’s OS can you explain what I do to conserve the last manjaro’s version . It’s impossible for to understand the right I do for they problem against they other OS except many thanks for your answer :innocent:


who knows when gnome edition will be update to version gnome 3.26?