About the Other OS category


Talk about other operating systems here. It’s not a place for negative criticism or troubleshooting, though: if you have an issue, talk to the relevant project.


Evaluative criticism; sharing empirical knowledge with others?

As opposed to venting frustration for all of the reasons why OS’s can cause people to do that.

Rational vs. irrational?

Is that what you mean @jonathon


Yes. :slight_smile:

Though again, if you’re commenting at length on another OS you should probably be discussing it with the project rather than here.


This section is like,

“Here! Have this gun and some bullets. But don’t, don’t ever do you think of shooting” :joy:


Whatever - I think “polluting” the other parts of the forum with questions like:

  • why not this distro
  • why don’t we do like that distro -

is a no go. Good to have a place where those things can be discussed without clouding the real purpose of this forum.


Let’s make it more explicitely clear that this category is not for troubleshooting issues with other OS, especialy but not limited to MS Windows.


In recent days, I have tired two OSes.
1- Sabayon. I installed it on an USB memory. But it wasn’t usable. I want to empty some room on HDD and try it again. But its live experience was pretty good.
2-TrueoS: Successfully installed it on a 32 GB flash memory. But I can not get bthe correct resolution (1366x768) It is stuck to 1240x768.
But the DE, Lumina is interesting and something new to me.

PS: Sorry! I forgot the title and thought that “here” means in this thread.