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I’ve been preparing for installing Manjaro on my main machine, gathering info to prevent problems, since I have a optimus laptop with ssd and hdd.
I found this video: How To Set Up Manjaro For Gaming - GPU Drivers, Steam Proton, Wine, Lutris - Terminal Method - YouTube
And couldn’t spot anything that could have been updated from january until now, can you guys help me seeing if this tutorial is “up-to-date” with current standards ? I know it’s kind of a silly request but it’s important for my installation guide that I’m preparing.

sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils nvidia-settings vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader

  • First … you should always make sure to be updated before doing anything
    sudo pacman -Syu (thay do this actually outside of text instructions)
    …except by default most systems are using pamac-mirrorlist.timer which means mirrors may have changed … which means you must use a force refresh (2 ys) sudo pacman -Syyu
  • Second … We dont handle drivers through pacman directly. We use mhwd (or the GUI manjaro-settings-manager). And that installation handles things like nvidia nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils nvidia-settings So that should be First. Setting correct driver in mhwd.
  • Third … even if they want to cover all their bases it could end with a --needed flag on pacman command.

After that … I cant really comment on their giant list of packages they think you need for wine gaming or whether or not you want lutris or steam … but for gamers I assume thats rather generic.

It really boils down to an unremarkable ‘install the things you need’… and they dont quite present that properly.
But meh. I have seen much worse :wink:

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It appears to be accurate enough, but of course, most of the video is dedicated to installing games and game engines, which are not my expertise. I don’t even have wine installed, because I don’t use any Microsoft Windows applications.

That said, the guy does say that he did a minimal install, which means that if you opt for the normal Manjaro installation, some of the stuff he needed to install as extras will already be installed by default, plus of course that the Manjaro package manager pulls in the dependencies.

Lastly, he mentions installing something from the AUR while using pacman. That’s incorrect, because pacman doesn’t use the AUR ─ pamac however does. So whatever he installed with pacman was not from the AUR but from the regular repo.

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Thanks for the clarifications, I’ll take notes so I just install what I really need. (Mostly going to play modded minecraft, rimworld and probably test Skyrim SE and No Man’s Sky)

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