About: RStudio installs but show error 2 for missing file

Hello Team,
I meet exactly same problem when I install Rstudio on Manjaro. I read the post of " “RStudio installs but show error 2 for missing file”, but I still can not figure it out how to fix this.
This is my first time to use Linux (Manjaro) OS and first try to install R, Rstudio on Manjaro. I hope that I can get the detail instruction step by step (such as detail sudo command …)
@lobaluna , if you can see my post, would you please share your experience to me?

Thank you very much!
Happy New Year!

If you have the same exact error, then install the package openssl-1.1. That’s it.

Hi, @yangkai9999

If you have the same error as me, and as @cfinnberg said, just do

sudo pamac install openssl-1.1

Then reopen RStudio, and that’s all

Remember! Use pamac without sudo :slight_smile:

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Thank you all of you. it works now!
Happy New Year!