About privacy and security

Hi, Is it secure to use Manjaro Linux os as a cryptocurrency trader or holder? I have been looking for a Linux and I found this is one of the best but I am concern about privacy and security. Is Manjaro is a good option for using crypto exchange websites like Binance and others?

There is no big difference which distribution you use, Linux in general is very secure but of course you still can improve some things. In my opinion the weakest point of every security system is between the chair and the keyboard :wink:


manjaro is a regular Linux distro but very up to date,so that probably increase security as software and the sorts gets patched quickly.

Qubes os is very secure,but needs quit a lot of learning to understand how to properly use it,
it also needs a lot of ram and a modern cpu.
but i wouldn’t consider it as a daily driver(at least not for me).