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Hi, Is it secure to use Manjaro Linux os as a cryptocurrency trader or holder? I have been looking for a Linux and I found this is one of the best but I am concern about privacy and security. Is Manjaro is a good option for using crypto exchange websites like Binance and others?

There is no big difference which distribution you use, Linux in general is very secure but of course you still can improve some things. In my opinion the weakest point of every security system is between the chair and the keyboard :wink:


manjaro is a regular Linux distro but very up to date,so that probably increase security as software and the sorts gets patched quickly.

Qubes os is very secure,but needs quit a lot of learning to understand how to properly use it,
it also needs a lot of ram and a modern cpu.
but i wouldn’t consider it as a daily driver(at least not for me).

Whatever system you use you have to understand how it works in order to make it more secure.
Here are some tips that you can apply on nearly any Linux distro.

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

Sometimes in the process of working on different issues, I see the person ask for a screenshot of this. I was wondering if there is any information that one could get off that which could compromise the security of the system. In other word are there things which a user should black out?

That is a good question. Some unique identifying features like serial numbers, IP, MAC, names are filtered out by default to prevent misuse. inxi gives a good overview of a system in a standard format that makes troubleshooting a issue much easier, there are options to only show/post a part of the output.

Browsing the web with a browser with default settings would give out more personal identifying information then posting a inxi in a forum is my assumption.

One could in theory through the unique set of specific hardware determine a setup and use that to identify a specific user somewhere else and target a specific weakness in that system, this however would take some serious time investment. If one is worried about this, posting inxi would be a risk, however buying anything with software in it would be a risk in that situation. Trust is difficult…

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Well, there is a lot of redundancy in this command. -z already does --no-host, and a does -xxx. So you really only need to type inxi -Fza.

-z, –filter

Adds security filters for IP addresses, serial numbers, MAC, location (-w), and user home directory name. Removes Host:. On by default for IRC clients.


Turns off hostname in System line. This is default when using -z, for anonymizing inxi output for posting on forums or IRC. Overrides configuration value (if set): indent-min

SHOW_HOST=‘true’ - Same as: SHOW_HOST='false’

This is an absolute override, the host will not show no matter what other switches you use.


Awesome, that is what I was looking for. Thanks.

What does my bowl of crunchy cereal have to do with security? Milk might spill on the keyboard? :man_shrugging: