About performance

got 3 sdcard 3 OS.
ubuntu-64 > PiOS-32 > manjaro-64.
10 > 8 > 3
manjaro I/O led always lighting, mouse cursor freeze all the time.

ps. Rpi4B-8G, class10 card, others device all the same.

If you are using Xfce4, you might try switching to the xf86-video-fbturbo-git driver.

If you installed using the Plasma edition, Baloo will be running for a while, to index files. That will be very IO intensive.
I don’t have IO LED on my SD cards, do you?

what i means I/O light is yellow(beside power red).

That should always blink as far as I know.
It has always for me, no matter what load its under.

Thre green LED indicates software activity: Top Ten Tips for Troubleshooting | Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

while light blinking, mouse freeze for minutes, not acceptable.
if i recall, in Rpi2 age i asked same issue to old forum.
in sway has same light blinking minutes and minutes.
ps. even ubuntu-gnome heavy DT not have such issue.

Unless you share some logs about this issue, we can’t really do much.

Performance is relative and also depends alot on the SD card.

Also, please be aware thatmost software in the repo is not optimized for the RPI, like it is in the Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu repos.

If the behaviour is not acceptable, please use another OS and stop beating this dead horse further.


ok, if no one else had this issue, im say goodbye till kernel-5.10.

Perhaps not relevant for your case (xfce?) and/or the issue is no longer applicable in later Manjaro ARM releases but you could check the following post (if not done already):

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I have been using the latest xfce and have noticed the lag as well. I just reinstalled to KDE and for some reason, it works better even though its more resource heavy. Also on the xfce there’s a line near the bottom that overlaps on all windows. Its a nuisance… KDE does not have these bugs and would recommend the switch. If I had noticed the post above earlier, I’m sure the fix above would have fixed the issue I had with the lag. It is possible it has something to do with the usbhid.mousepoll value.

Or with wayland since he is referring to Sway which is Wayland.

As Strit said, without any logs it is impossible to find the real reason.