About Pamac build ros-noetic-desktop-full(AUR) fail

For network reason, Pamac build ros-noetic-desktop-full(AUR) fail. I can do this again when network get better until it installed successfully.
However, when install ros-noetic-desktop-full,it will install 230 depends and remove some pkgs. If it fails at last. It still install 230depends, If I do want to install ros-noetic-desktop-full at last. I need to uninstall 230 depends one by one via pamac history. Is there a better way to remove its depends?

230 dependencies seems like a lot.

Are you sure those are not ordinary system updates? (Pamac always updates the system before a new package gets installed)

yes good reply. Maybe some of them are sysyem update. I will reinstall to check.

for network and some other problem. I still try to install

all 131depends. Good news is that only 7 are direct denpend

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