About night colour mode on xfce?

Hi everybody,

While using kde, there was an application called night color. but I couldn’t find anything like this in xfce. I installed a tool xflu but gui does not open. Is there anyone who can help? Thank you.

I use manjaro:20.2 xfce:4.14

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I’ve used redshift in the past on xfce, it is in the official repositories.

Did you install xflux or a variant from the aur? there are a few, you might need a gui with that to.

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Very thanks, redshift is perfect for mine, my first day is going very well in manjaro :slight_smile:
So Can you help me determine where I can enter which parameter if I want it to work at constant value.

There is a configuration file for redshift, easiest solution is to set the day/night to the same values. More on the developers site

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