About FreeOffice - it's not being installed by default

Cool! :slight_smile:

May i also ask to add option for no office at all upon installation?

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Um. Maybe? It should be straightforward to have a "None" selection at the top.


If it rendered pages made in MS Office properly, that'd be a good start.

WPS exports an array of formats, but not ODT.

To solve all of the problems with what is installed or not, get rid of all Manjaro editions except Architect, so people can install or not what THEY want. :slight_smile:


even further install arch gentoo or lfs and be happy


Big thank you to the Devs for listening to the community, knowing you take our feedback to heart is one of the major reasons I love and recommend this distro to everyone I know.

I don't know how much anyone cares but you might want to get in touch with someone at DistroWatch to correct this statement:

Also on the topic of proprietary software, Manjaro has partnered with Softmaker to ship the FreeOffice productivity suite by default.



At least I installed Softmaker 30 day trial, if MS Office compatibility is as they say I will subscribe to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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The DistroWatch people are pretty good so I'm sure there will be an updated item at some point.

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True, but the manjaro-haters out there will forever link to the old article as 'evidence'.

That already happens for everything (e.g. people still link to Allan McRae's 2013 post about security updates). This is no different.

It wouldn't be Manjaro without clumsy announcements. :rofl:


Today, I tried free office. It is perfect because I edited some MS Office docs and it does not kill its style. No matter how I write it, it looks the same in MS. I'll keep trying.


I tried LFS twice, both times it failed. I learnt how much time it takes to build a system, so I appreciate more about what goes into making a Linux that works at all.

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Maybe the whole thing was a hoax to get people to use Free Office and click the shopping cart on every app.

I don't want ribbon, I just want LibreOffice to start instantly as every other Office suite app on Earth does. It takes 2 seconds to launch on my quite modern i7 processor. It always feels laggy and slow. But it can save to odt format, what a relief.


Since putting in ”likes and emoticons“ seems not enough for massive topics like this, I would like to express my gratitude for sorting at least this issue out in ”Linux way“. To me, FOSS means FOSS in its literal sense, plus above all the freedom of choice. Users should have options, including proprietary stuff, but definitely in an OPT-IN WAY, NEVER in an OPT-OUT WAY.


Does MS Office Online not count as an office suite? Is that still installed by default?

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Now the functionality is possible in Calamares it may end up being an optional install in the same way as whichever other office suites get added to it:


Yes they will.


Softmaker is currently considering to update their FreeOffice with the following PRO features

Will this update only affect Manjaro due to the partnership with Softmaker or this will affect all Linux, Windows and macOS versions of FreeOffice? Are they going to update the whole FreeOffice?
If it's something that will be available only for Manjaro there is a huge possibility someone ship this to another distro.
When Deepin added a Crossover version with more features for free on Deepin, people shipped it to other distros to get these features that were meant only to Deepin.

Very good solution. Smart!


Since they just posted it on their twitter page, I would think all versions.


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