About FreeOffice - it's not being installed by default

glad that got sorted

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:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the clarification.


Thank you for listening to your community. But still, I wonder what are the "changes" that will Softmaker do to FreeOffice.

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Just perfect !!!

No need to be suspicious I think...
I guess no big ones, but hopefully for the better :slight_smile:

So far:


I am glad this is sorted out. Please Manjaro, do not become like MS Windows. The last upgrade to Win10 was like "take it or leave it". I left Win10 to build an OS that is suited to my needs. I am a dedicated LibreOffice user. LibreOffice or FreeOffice is a good option. Let the user decide. I had to get this off my chest.


Yeah, that was the offensive one that got many folks riled up. Glad that will be fixed....

As I've posted elsewhere, people shouldn't be quite so hard on FreeOffice. I transitioned my father to Linux and he pays for FreeOffice for the MS Office compatibility since he really depends on MS Office and needed something to wean him off...


People should get this info out to more people so that they don't give up on Manjaro. Some people have already declared that they will avoid Manjaro on YouTube...

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That's pretty much every video which mentions Manjaro... YouTube is full of hyperbole no matter which comments you read.


Did you try WPS Office?

Perfect! I'm happy to see that you decided this way.


If libreoffice werent so ugly we wouldnt be in this situation. And also with better office support.

Edit: libreoffice looks good, but its clear people want ribbon, and libreoffice ribbon is still too simple


I really hope we get to select other types of software as well.


I personally always felt it wasnt the most attractive office solution, I hope FreeOffice opens up their free software to full ODT DOC DOCX etc support

Also LO does not play nicely with plasma theme or KDE in general (although I understand they are making small steps). So a Calligra option would be nice to have also.

But all the foregoing is mostly off-topic. The important message: Thank you, Manjaro Devs for listening to the community, even the intemperate voices.


Cool! :slight_smile:

May i also ask to add option for no office at all upon installation?

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Um. Maybe? It should be straightforward to have a "None" selection at the top.


If it rendered pages made in MS Office properly, that'd be a good start.

WPS exports an array of formats, but not ODT.

To solve all of the problems with what is installed or not, get rid of all Manjaro editions except Architect, so people can install or not what THEY want. :slight_smile:


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