About FreeOffice - it's not being installed by default

I have installed the appimage a few days ago, the improvements are significant.

I got it building and it's in unstable now.


Like Manjaro is attempting to do with Arch?

I get it now.

Propietary Freeoffice trialware / crippleware wouldn't happen to be the default choice would it? Wouldn't that be a surprise?

Wonder what the next scam will be.


Just as Ubuntu did for the Debian ecosystem than a decade ago, Manjaro contributes to the greater Arch ecosystem, by addressing the most important deficiencies in Arch:

  • An installer that just works for 99% of the use cases
  • Hardware detection, again, that just works for 99% of the use cases
  • Easy way for newbies to manage kernels
  • Contributing to graphical package managers
  • And, until this thread, a far more civil community.

The fact that Arch has no interest in addressing these is fine by me; Arch has a different target audience, but these are real, substantial improvements that would be appreciated by 90% of Linux users.

P.S. And, yes, I disagreed with Freeoffice on the ISO.


Friend, you dont have to be here.
I like you.
But please - if your only posts are you taking time out for yourself to make unfounded potshots at the distro ... then .. use another distro (and another forum).


Or got the other direction, be more involved, and help make things better. :man_shrugging:

Just leaving doesn't change anything but the other way leads to things like:


Updated Libreoffice to the new version. The improvements which are spoken about so much really disappoint me, although to be honest I didn't think they would be as big as what is said.
I am talking about the time it takes to open a document. I have here a text document, in docx format so both LO and FO can read it, which contains 262 pages. On the title page is a picture.
Opening it in LO takes around 24 seconds. Then it is time to start editing it, before that the cursor can not be placed inside the text. The picture on the title page is shown almost immediately.
When I open the same document in FO I can start editing after 1 second. Yes, ONE second. The picture will show after about 10 seconds. The frame in which the picture is placed is there from the start so the text does not shift when the pictures shows up.

Adding line breaks into the LO version of the document slows down the program cause all the text behind it has to move 1 line down. With 262 pages that takes like forever.
Doing the same in the same document in FO happens almost instantly.

Somehow FO handles large documents much better tan LO, eventhough the new version should have changed drastically.

If only FO was OpenSource and would (and it will) support ODT file formats it would be perfect. But it is not and because the company behind it needs income it will not be opensource. So, will I use it? I do already and I must honestly say the program really does things well.
Except for not being opensource I can't find anything that makes me say: no, I don't use it.

LO has one thing going for it and that are the extensions of which I have used one intensively: Alternate find and replace. The text in my long document (long for me, no idea how it is for the rest of you) had line-breaks after each line, cutting of the line somewhere half of the width of the paper. Terrible.
With the extension it is possible to replace a line-break by a "space", letting the line continue till the right margin before continuing on the next line.
But, because LO is bad in moving around large chunks of text it is slow as hell. So I left the laptop on all night to see it was all done this morning.
After this major change I started editing it again in FO. Really starting to get the hang of it.

With LO and FO reading and writing the same file formats (ODT, ODS, etc) you can have the best of both worlds. Just chose the best editor for the job at hand.


One problem with freeoffice I noticed was that when I opened a odt document, it converted it to docx before opening it which obviously screwed up the layout. I hope this is fixed when the free version gets ODT support. Odt compatibility is pretty much a requirement.

In general, I like the simple interface, and it feels somewhat lighter on my limited hardware. Libreoffice is hard to compete with though. I was using libreoffice for a good while before I even switched to linux. But it is good to have choices available. I didn't even know about freeoffice before it was introduced to Manjaro.

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Switched to Linux went hard on Free Office, personally I prefer the look over LibreOffice. I dont use office suites much but I do like a attractive functioning one, if they get it functioning well it will maybe do well with new linux users

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Same here. Plus, as I found out, the documentation is great, it's perfect.
As you also wrote, ODT is a must and will happen as far as I read Phil's announcement. Only thing left is open source, but that will not happen.

I tested Free Office. One good thing is that big spreadsheet databases (like 20.000 - 30.000 rows) open very fast as compered to LibreOffice and also filtering is very fast - seconds compering to minutes.

I don't like that sidebar in PlanMaker cannot be just closed. I read that it is available in payed version. In Free Office PlanMaker it can only be reduced. That is a bit annoying because I need to pay attention to mouse pointer position, as it doesn't touch screen edge. With long spreadsheets mouse roll is not enough.

Fortunately, in TextMaker sidebar can be closed. I hope they will consider this for PlanMaker as well.

Overall first impression is not that bad, I would said rather positive. It is pretty intuitive and has my native language version, which is a plus.

By the way, there is a version of Free Office that can be installed locally (not system-wide).

So, I will use it for some tasks. I love open source but sometimes "make things done faster" philosophy is necessary.

It would be cool if you'd add other office suites to the installation too, like WPS Office.

The functionality makes it possible, but it comes down to permission to redistribute.

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Can't believe you have to make this announcement @jonathon. Huge demand?? haha

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Will be reachable the last FreeOffice version from Manjaro repository?

I am seeing this version: extra/freeoffice 2018.966-1.

Revision 966 is currently the latest version. As soon as there is a new version we will get them from Softmaker directly and will release as given.


any idea how long till we will get the new free version that has the ability to save in additional formats?

It is currently in quality review and will be available in 18.1 releases of Manjaro, which will be begin of September. We might produce another RC if needed before.

cool i look forward to that

Only in combination with clicking at the correct spot (in the middle of the right hand side of the screen) will the bar appear again. It doesn't appear when you just move the mouse to the complete RHS of the screen

There is no difference between Textmaker and PlanMaker regarding the opening and closing of the bar. I dont know what you did but here they work exactly the same.

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