About adwaita-maia-gtk3


Changed the default login from Xorg (which works for everyone) to Wayland (which doesn’t work for most things GNOMISH), and forgot to mention it to anyone. Created all sorts of display, theming, and application problems. Basically, a dev had it switched to Wayland when it was published and nobody noticed it until then. It was not mentioned in the Arch Testing forum, either. Kind of a cruel joke, but the fix was easy–change login back to Xorg. It’s just nobody was expecting it–until it happened to them.

It reminded me of an old Folger’s Crystals commercial. The one where they switch out the really good coffee for the crap crystals, and see if the unknowing coffee drinker notices.

Only this wasn’t quite as cute–except maybe if you were running Plasma. Muahaha–take that, you buncha garden statue-loving people!



@Ste74 chromium and gtk2 apps (on my gnome desktop) are using the light version of adwaita-maia (and adwaita-manjaro) instead of the dark one which is enabled on my system. Could you fix it please?

Could you make also adwaita-maia (or adwaita-manjaro) theme for the gnome-shell?

Manjaro GNOME 17.0 (Beta2)

I replaced gtk-2.0 folder of /usr/share/themes/Adwaita-Maia with gtk2 folder of /usr/share/themes/Adwaita-dark/ and gtk2 apps have been made black.
I also changed some entries in /usr/share/themes/Adwaita-Maia/gtk2/gtkrc and replace the blue color to maia.
@Ste74 could you take a look please and update the adwaita-maia and adwaita-manjaro theme?


Can you share the theme ? I can grab from your :wink:


Of course is here.
There are some small issues but I hope that you’ll fix them. :slight_smile:


Thank you :wink: What issues ?


About the right green-maia color, I used 52CDAA as maia but I’m not sure that is correct.


Εventually I think that there are no issues.
@Ste74 if you test it could you update the package to the repos please?


You mean the 16A085 … but yes i can update the pkg :wink:


Is this maia-color of arch-maia folder 16A085 or 52CDAA?


The maia color in my maia theme is 16A085 , other colors are variations … :slight_smile:


Eventually after several changes in colors I managed to make a functional dark theme (Adwaita-Maia-Dark) for gnome (and maybe for xfce). It’s basically a mix of three themes ( adwaita, adwaita-maia-gtk3, and evopop for gnome-shell panel) in order to have the experience of native adwaita-dark theme of gnome with the green color (maia) of manjaro.

Gtk-2 apps seems to be alright but for some unknown reason the theme is in conflict with Adwaita-Maia-gtk3 (only in gtk2 apps).

So if you want the dark version of adwaita-maia (this one) you have to unistall Adwaita-maia-gtk3.

There are still some minor issues but I hope to fix them. :slight_smile:
You can download it from my github or mediafire: