About a Microsoft Access implementation I developed for the Linux Community

Hello All,

I've taken some time to piece together some Java code to make a proof-of-concept of a full conversion tool for Microsoft Access files. This is so that non-Windows users can easily edit the files, while being able to easily convert back to a .accdb file. The GitHub repository is linked below.

Before I ask anything, I apologize if Off-topic is not the right sub-forum for this question. Programming appears to be Manjaro-specific, and this question seems like it's too broad for Stack Overflow.

First question, I'm not 100% sure if LibreOffice can do this with the Jackcess .jar file outside of Windows (shudders). Is MS Access file editing/conversion possible in non-Windows OS versions of LibreOffice? The documentation on this is lacking, to be put lightly...

According to this answer, LibreOffice does not appear to handle Access files currently. I could be wrong, though!

(Edit: should have realized the above link is referring to OpenOffice, not Libre. I wrote this part late at night. The same still applies for lack of documentation of this feature)

(Edit 2: This part of the question is answered: see below, post 8. TL;DR: it's not possible)

If the answer to this is, in fact, no, my next question involves next steps I should take for this application.

This application is (currently) a Java-based cli program for converting from .accdb files to .txt/.csv, and vice versa.

Second Question: Aside from what's listed in the roadmap in the README I have listed on GitHub, is there any direction I should take this application?

Keep in mind that this is my first publicly available application that I wrote myself (albeit with the help of some third-party libraries), so mistakes will be made. Therefore, anything I need to do for this project that's not specified in the README is fair game.

Quick edit for clarity's sake (this is also in my closing of Question 1) I'm willing to add anything, even if it has nothing to do with my To-Do list! If there's some code comment, FOSS license, anything I need to do legally to ensure that this is a FOSS project, that's (again) fair game.

You can find the GitHub page for the application here. Thanks in advance!

Edit: As with my previous post, I recently discovered showcase, so I've moved this thread there as well.


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@mhammond9 it is always good to have some software which helps users to convert from Windows over to Linux. Access might be one blocker for them. I think it would be good to also have the tool for converting it back to Microsoft Access. Your list of open todos is great. It is always good to get the basics right in CLI and then focus later on a GUI. If you want to know more on how compatible things are, I might also hook you up with some Softmaker developers, which doing the FreeOffice or Softmaker Office. Maybe they have some already accomplished in that regard.

There is always two sides. One: what the community of Manjaro or Linux in general might want; Two: options we can use as a company of Manjaro for our business customers.

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Network/System Admin here. Long time Access user and programmer. This is a nice concept but not very practical. After Access databases get to a certain size, you have to switch over to SQL for performance and stability. SQL is where everyone should be data-basing. Access out-lived its usefulness a decade and 1/2 ago. Access along with Dbase/Foxbase were all born in the DOS days. Those days are gone. Now, Access did patch itself to handle large database sizes over the years. But, this is only good for individual use and not for multi-user support. Just to show how much Access is being used these days.... JUST SEARCH any job search site and see how many companies are looking for Access programmers: Few to NONE!


To your credit, this started when I needed to convert a file to a 2016 .accdb file for my University last year. And I did not want to run Microsoft Office to do so, as that crashed for me worse than Win10! So this application is really for businesses who, for whichever obligatory reason, are forced to comply to .accdb standards. So yeah, little use for this application, sure, but man the people who need it will need it.

Also, you don't need to tell me twice that Microsoft relies on outdated legacy implementations :wink:

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Since it's been mentioned to me: All packages in the AUR or otherwise that I've looked up do not do exactly what I'm trying to accomplish, which is conversion to and from modern (2000-2016) .accdb files. Also, it appears that there's one answer which shows that LibreOffice can handle Microsoft Access tables, but not the actual files themselves (from 2016). This answer appears to be Windows only, because I tried this on both MacOS and Linux, and the option to select Microsoft Access databases as specified did not show up. In addition, the answer below it implies to open the official Access Client and export to a .xls or .xlsx file (from 2018).

Did not want to edit my post with this long blurb and disrupt its contents.

Also, here's an answer that backs up the fact that this is Windows only (from 2014). I'm aware that a lot can chance.

Read this answer carefully and you'll see that this is definitely Windows only! Closing my first question, as it appears that no, LibreOffice can't handle this in other OS's.

Edit: read a bit further, and it appears that (according to an post on AskUbuntu from 2014 referring to Access 2010 DB files, i.e. very outdated! (Edit 2: people do seem to say this works still, however, hmm...)) you can add the ucanaccess jar to edit MS access files. This seems like it's too much work for the average user, so I'll leave this as closed for now...

Edit 3: I realize I should be a bit more clear here:

Yes, there is a working solution in LibreOffice. However, A. I'm not 100% sure if this works on Linux to begin with, and B. I'm targeting business users with my application who just want to edit the data (maybe do some SQL queries). Setting this up was too complicated even for me, so there's no way that businesses will be able to set this feature up!

Also, by closing the question, I mean closing question #1 (in regards to LibreOffice supporting .accdb files on *nix systems.) Question #2 is still open.

I'm willing to add anything, even if it has nothing to do with my To-Do list! If there's some code comment, FOSS license, anything I need to do legally to ensure that this is a FOSS project, that's (again) fair game.

The similar issue was experienced by me after installing office 365, however, I have figured out it to be an office activation issue with the problem which was responsible for major issues.

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I know this is off topic, but I'm assuming since you're having office 365 activation issues you're attempting to run in a wine prefix.

Assuming also that your Office 365 key does not require Win10, have you tried installing Firefox 45+ in your wine prefix, and making that your default browser? That's what worked for me actually.

Edit: The reason for this solution working is that wine's default Internet Explorer emulation is just s**t at rendering anything I've ever seen the need for it to. Sorry wine devs, it just is...

Edit 2: It may also be the fact that Internet Explorer is running through wine in general. I just thought of that actually.

That's what I found for running MS Office activation at least. Anyway, Welcome to the Manjaro Community!

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