A way to reach the whole phone FS?

We have 2 Galaxy Prime Core phones, can I do anything the update them to the latest android? Like a util that will how the whole phone FS?

Normally that would be a function — if enabled — on the phone itself. My phone — a Huawei Y7 — does this all by itself, although I think that it does ask me for permission first, and I have either way set it to only perform updates if I’m on WiFi.

That said, my own experience with Samsung is pretty bad in that regard. They want you to sign into Samsung Services (or whatever it’s called), and their store is pretty expensive too.

No utility would be able to do that, given that the phone uses the MPT protocol for connecting to your computer. This is a networking protocol comparable to FTP, and therefore it only exposes the shareable part of its filesystem.

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  1. This isn’t Samsung, or Android support forums.
  2. It’s not an easy task, I have been researching it for months and haven’t done it yet.

Look for whether your device is supported by LineageOS or look at the xda forums.
The model came out 10 years ago. You can only hope that someone has liked it so much that they put in the work to create a custom ROM for it.

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I have a Samsung, albeit a tablet and not a phone. I have removed all Samsung-bloatware, so it’s quite snappy and the battery life is more than double than when I just got it! But yeah, it’s still stuck on Android 9, unless I flash it and put a 3rd-party ROM on. Hence the above-mentioned research.

Simply put: there is no easy way to do this, and to do it you need a rom SPECIFICALLY built for the EXACT phone hardware you’re trying to use.

This is an ancient phone, there is absolutely no way it can run latest android (jumping 10 major versions). A good resource to see what is at all possible is the xda developers forum. Here is definitely the wrong place to ask.

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