"a start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD Script" and that is where i get stuck



Honestly, I have not used Linux in quite a while, new to Manjaro(have it on one other machine). I try to install Manjaro KDE(manjaro-kde-16.06.1-x86_64.iso) and it gets stuck when I get to that line in the title… I verified the iso it is good, and I already used it on my old laptop(for my mother) where it worked perfectly. Now on my new laptop both options(open-source and nonfree) freeze on the start job for MHWD(MediaHardWareDetection), the timer keeps going but it’ll go for infinitely long.

The laptop: https://www.amazon.com/GL502VT-DS71-Gaming-Laptop-NVIDIA-GTX970M/dp/B01FFRD220


I think this is the cause of the problem. See


Is that the correct link? @kainonergon?


That link just show search results for “GTX 970M” on this forum. You can see other people had the same problem. But unfortunately I don’t know where to find its solution. I’ve searched Arch linux forum also, some users could install Arch with this GPU.
So maybe there is a way to use Manjaro with it also.


That may be the cause of the issue also. Arch forum has several threads on intel graphics issues whith it also.


But here it only shows this thread, no other results.


I get also these:

A quirk of this forum search feature?


Probably, but you can understand my confusion.


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