A simple question: disabling AUR support after program install

i just installed a program from the AUR(optimus-manager-qt);
can i now disable the AUR support in pamac?will that affect the proper functioning of this program?
for example:i disabled flatpak support after installing skype,since it causes pamac to not open,but i can still use skype.

Yes, technically you can disable AUR support if want, without affecting the program. But Pamac also deals with the updates of AUR packages.

I thought this bug was fixed in the latest Pamac version. I haven’t checked it though.

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You can, but pamac then won’t be able to update that package until you activate the support again.

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I don’t know much about pamac.

If AUR is disabled ( Preferences > AUR >Enable AUR support) in pamac GUI, will the command pamac checkupdates -a still work from the command line?

Could one then build/install an AUR package from the command line using pamac even though the AUR isl disabled in pamac GUI?

In other words, do command line options override what is in /etc/pamac.conf?

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Thank you.
i guess I’ll leave it on since i don’t know what incompatibility would occur with un-updated AUR packages after new official ones had been installed.
i just didn’t want by mistake or inadvertently install more packages from there.
so should i check the “check for updates” box in the AUR settings in pamac,or does that relate to something else?

Yes you’re right

Yes in order to check for updates from AUR

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