A server downloader (for direct download links and torrents)

I want to know if there is a program like for example qbittorrent that have the posibility to act like a server for download torrents, but also for download direct files.


A server to … download from ? Like a host ?

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Maybe this?

the thing is that Deluge or qBitTorrent are just for Torrents. Im talking about download torrents and file that “you just click” and download with the webbrowser.
I want to install that application in a kind of server i already have. So, i connect from outside my network and download the links i need from the web UI.
(now im doing this with qbittorrent, but qbittorrent cant download “normal” files).

Just login via SSH and use curl,wget,http,aria2,…

But of course there are web frontends for example for aria2 or some simple php scripts that use curl.
Or something like pyload, it can do a lot more but it also can download a file via http and has a web interface.

mmm, interesting, it will be better if i can connect from outside my network. I know i can put ssh to connect from outside but it seems to risky for me.
i will see to the other things you mention.

Maybe fatrat is what you want?
There are versions in the AUR.

Though aria frontends might be a better option. Like webui-aria2

All of those seem slightly dated. But :person_shrugging:

Search for wget in pacman. There is a gui around it (gwget).